Now you can smoke, nibble or buy cannabis at Lowell Farms in West Hollywood, the first cannabis cafe in the United States.
Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, is the first farm-to-table restaurant that ‘highlights cuisine and cannabis,’ and has a ‘flower host’. Basically a sommelier for cannabis, the ‘tableside flower service’ can help you pick from the various strains and they’ll explain their flavors and effects.
Patrons can smoke marijuana at the cafe using joints, pipes and bongs. If you just want to come for the food, that’s cool too since there’s also a non-smoking patio.
You can also order up THC and CBD-infused drinks as well as a ‘non-infused’ food menu. But don’t look for wine or beer since  California state law prohibits consuming pot and alcohol at the same time. Like who would do that, right? 🙂