Having a personal project can be an engaging and rewarding way of spending your downtime. While it’s also fun to relax with something more mindless, this can have you excited to get back to it and inch that bit closer toward completion. Renovating your house or doing over your garden are always exciting options, but what about something that can lead you to hours of fun? What about building your very own gaming PC?

Many people who are into gaming will suggest that PC gaming is an option that allows you the greatest versatility in terms of graphics options and titles to play, but the process of getting there might prove to be just as fun.


The End Result

First and foremost, it’s not hard to imagine what might appeal to a lot of people about a gaming PC. While it is a project that can call to people who aren’t yet enormously passionate about video games (perhaps hoping that this will be the gateway towards that), there are going to be a lot of people who are hoping that this will lead them to the optimal gaming setup. With the options of multiple high-resolution monitors, and machines that can provide more power than any console, people have the prospect of playing games at their absolute smoothest. If all goes well, you will be able to play many games at a resolution and framerate that you wouldn’t encounter on other devices.

If you’re someone that’s into games, that might well sound appealing to you. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. The downside of PC gaming is this very process – the building of it. If you’re much more passionate about the end result than the process itself, then this ironically might not be for you, as you might find yourself getting frustrated when this isn’t even the part that you want to be doing. In this case, it’s worth examining various other options, such as buying PCs that are suitably powerful and already constructed, or even just powerful games consoles. The latest in Sony and Microsoft’s catalog of consoles are often compared to PCs in many ways, and they are still capable of playing the games that you want to at an incredibly high level without the price of admission that you might feel comes with a gaming PC.

That being said, if you are determined and passionate about all angles of this approach, you might find that the reward also comes with an incredibly vast library of games, with no additional cost for the online component.

The Parts Themselves

Moving onto the process itself, you might find that a lot more time gets spent on the acquisition of components rather than the actual construction. While those are the two basic arms of this project, the construction is something that you can ultimately complete whenever you have everything that you need. Alternatively, some might prefer to add to the machine each time a new part is acquired, creating an exciting situation where your machine slowly comes together and forms as you inch toward your goal.



Before you can truly get started, though, you need to have a pretty good idea of what it is that you need. Outside of the case, the items that you will need will include a central processing unit (CPU), gaming peripherals, a graphics processing unit (GPU), memory (RAM), a motherboard, the right operating system (OS), a power supply unit (PSU), storage, and a method of system cooling.

This might sound simple enough, but pretty quickly, you’re going to notice that some of these are much easier to come by than others. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to find a graphics card at all, for example, but the most top-of-the-line options that you might want if you feel that you want the best of the best, might prove to be elusive and expensive. This can lead to the project becoming something that’s slightly longer form, meaning that you get the parts that you need as and when they become available. For that reason, you might find that this is another reason why you don’t opt for this route if you’re looking for a way to play games immediately. That being said, not every component will prove to be as difficult. When it comes to the motherboard, for example, you could look into the prospect of PCB design software to get exactly what you need for the machine you had in mind.


The Greater Whole

On its own, building a gaming PC might simply feel as though you’re setting yourself on a course to play any game you want, at the highest settings possible. Of course, if you’re passionate about gaming, this is something that you can spend hours of free time with, even more if you have friends with whom you can play games with online. However, that might not always be enough to have you feeling as passionate or enthusiastic about the project as you possibly could. Therefore, it might be better to think about this as part of a wider project – one that looks to make your home as ideal a space for you as possible.

Once you have your gaming PC completed, that’s your ultimate entertainment machine that you can also use for any work or other administrative online needs – it’ll be a powerful multi-purpose tool. Which room does it go in then? The office? Or some sort of entertainment room? That’s entirely for you to decide, and designing that room is something that can not only follow this project, but it can enhance it. For example, at this point, you’re going to start thinking about the comfiest chair possible, which can make those times spent gaming as pleasurable as can be. Creating a room that’s pleasant and filled with natural light and house plants can make it an ideal working space, but a cozier effect can amplify what you’re going for if you lean into the entertainment aspect.

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