First lady Dr. Jill Biden has chosen “We the People” as the theme for the seasonal White House decorations.
While we find it a little sexist that it’s considered a ‘woman’s job’ to pick the decorations the result was spectacular. (At least she commands hundreds of volunteers who do the actual decorating.)

“As our country gathers for the holidays, traditions may vary, but our shared American values – a belief in possibility, optimism, and unity – endure season after season,” President Joe Biden and Jill Biden wrote in a welcome letter in the White House holiday guide.

In case you’re counting, there are 77 Christmas trees throughout the White House with over 83,615 holiday lights that decorate the trees, garlands, wreaths and displays.

Not to mention the twenty-five classic wreaths adorn the north and south facades of the White House.

And the annual White House gingerbread house includes 20 sheets of sugar cookie dough, 30 sheets of gingerbread dough, 100 pounds of pastillage, 30 pounds of chocolate and 40 pounds of royal icing.

Take the tour: