Showreel videos have been around a lot longer than you might think. But today, they’ve become a really useful weapon in a creatives’ arsenal, far more so than ever before. In the modern digital world, thousands of new users daily appear in search engines with their unique services and products. For this reason, it has become an almost impossible task to struggle against all of them without the above-mentioned weapon. Showreels are a winning way of capturing the attention of your potential customers! But what actually is it?


What Is a Showreel?

Let’s look at two definitions of a showreel:

A showreel is a compilation of images and videos that can demonstrate a unique personal skill set. In other words, it is a collection of short sequences from different projects that gives an insight into what you did on each project or what you can do in general with or without you talking over them. A good showreel video should illustrate all the types of things you can do and communicate your skills to an employer in a more vivid way than just viewing your resume. It’s usually less than five minutes long.

On the other hand, a showreel can also be a short run-time overview of your company’s products and services that demonstrates its best attributes and helps attract new customer enquiries and orders.


Essentially, it’s like an advertisement for your company and will be designed to pique interest in your products or services. Your showreel for web agency needs to be compact, informative, and easy to understand if it’s intended as a short promotional video. Oftentimes, it’s used as backdrops during a live product demonstration or even professional interviews.



How Can Your Business Benefit from a Showreel?

Your showreel video can have a significant impact on your company’s credibility and may become an important part of your marketing strategy since it is the first contact your potential customers will have with your company. A good one will engage them and give them a sense of what it would be like to work with you. Furthermore, it can be a great way to show people that you are an expert in your field without having to explain everything in lengthy detail.


By watching a showreel, people will learn more about your company, what completed cases you have, how long you have been in the industry, and much more. By being able to convey the passion that drives your business in an authentic manner, you will be able to clearly define what sets you apart from others and attract new customers that share common values with your company. In short, your professional showreel video will demonstrate your products and services in the best possible light focusing on all the considerable benefits they have.