In case you missed it, Florida’s Senate passed a ridiculous bill on Tuesday with a measure ‘aimed at limiting discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools.’

Actually, the official name of the hurtful bill is ‘Parental Rights in Education’ but critics have dubbed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, arguing that it would make life at school harder for LGBTQ kids.

Studies have shown that LGBTQ youth already face higher health and suicide risks than their straight peers.

Kate McKinnon, who is Gay, mocked the hateful Florida legislation that would ban any “classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity,’ saying:

“I am deeply gay—sorry, concerned. Deeply concerned. It just feels like this is gonna make kids gay and trans—sorry, depressed and suicidal—and I think these laws are lesbians. Sorry! Unconscionable. Unconscionable,” cracked McKinnon. “I’m trying to make sense of all this. Does this ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law have a purpose?”