The US hit a sad milestone yesterday — it now has the most coronavirus cases in the world with 86,000 infections – more than China or Italy – as experts warn the death toll could reach 80,000. But Trump argued that America was testing more than any other country (false) hence the numbers. As Trump continues to deny the danger of the virus, even going so far as to insist the ‘country go back to work’ by Easter, experts warn that the pandemic will get worse before it gets better.

China slammed back at Trump when a Chinese state-run newspaper mocked Trump’s claim that the U.S. only has so many cases because it’s testing ‘so many people.’

Trump even had the audacity to accuse Gov. Andrew Cuomo of ‘exaggerating the state’s need for ventilators,’ while over-worked doctors have to make life and death decisions on who gets a respirator.

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