Despite maintaining for months that most of COVID cases were ‘like the sniffles’ and that it would magically ‘just disappear’ today at a resumption of his Coronavirus task force’  Trump finally admitted that the pandemic in the US ‘will probably get worse before it gets better.’

“Some areas of our country are doing very well, others are doing less well,” the President said. “It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better. Something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is.”

Billed as a ‘task force’ press briefing, the experts, notably Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix, were absent.

However, Trump did advocate mask-wearing, saying:

‘We’re instead asking Americans to use mask, socially distance and employ vigorous hygiene – wash your hands every chance you get – while sheltering high-risk populations.’

‘We are implying young Americans to avoid packed bars and other crowded, indoor gatherings,’ he encouraged. ‘Be safe, and be smart.’

In the end, the press briefing was short on details– all  Trump offered was that  ‘his administration is working on developing a strategy’  — and basically a photo opp. for the President.