I don’t know about you, but if our feet are sore we’re miserable. That explains the flip flops and UGG boots which are on regular rotation.

But when I do wear athletic shoes I now pair them with TRUEENERGY Infrared Technology socks. Inspired by NASA, the socks are blended with infrared nano-particles, which are said to improve circulation and recovery. When combined with your body’s natural heat,  it forms infrared energy which improves circulation, speeds up healing and tissue regeneration, and temporary pain relief. And better circulation = less swelling and foot pain.



We tried the popular no-show style and our feet did feel more supported and though we’re not running any marathons, we loved these for just our daily walks and errands.

The Women’s Performance No Show socks are $19.99 for a set of three. We have a couple of weekend warriors on our holiday list so this is perfect for them!



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