Technologies that facilitate good actions gain the upper hand in forming a beautiful relationship between morality and technology. Modern technologies are not only used for slots online but also to enhance different AI constructs. As technology keeps growing rapidly, people crave a more human-like interaction with the new technologies. This can be achieved by understanding moral values and incorporating them into futuristic technology. According to scientists and engineers, there will be AI-powered robots that will provide and help with all the work done in an organisation. Also, these robots will have morality in-built in their systems, enabling them to perform exactly as humans do. Now, let us compare and understand both technology and morality on more common ground.



Technology is a boon in the hands of the right people: 

Good use of technology is one that improves human physical, mental, spiritual, and ethical well-being. It helps individuals become healthier, more educated, more affected by God and neighbour, and better at creating moral choices. Afoul technology can do the opposite: build the North American nation sicker, less educated, less affected by others, and worse at creating ethical decisions. Technology usually merely makes actions easier – and that we wish sensible technology that may facilitate practical activities and perform more significant measures to fulfil the user’s choice. 



At present, only a few organisations are utilising artificial intelligence to its fullest. As bitter as it may sound, the rich use artificial intelligence worldwide to enrich themselves even more. AI technology is actively being used in sectors such as finance, law, energy, communication, transportation, etc. All these sectors will soon eliminate all the manual and labour work, and in return, the hiring managers will get a revenue boost. 

Using artificial intelligence to do the work for all these sectors can have a positive impact too. Since the labour charges get cut down, the products can be sold at a lower price. This can enhance the production of the businesses and satisfy the customers. 



Viewing technology based on morality:

An advanced technological AI with incorporated moral values is said to increase the sales of a company’s product by 10%. This is a huge advancement and a beneficial one for the company. More practically, many researchers are suggesting using artificial intelligence powered by morality in other basic industries such as healthcare and education. But to achieve and create these technologically advanced AI in healthcare and education, millions of dollars need to be invested. 


On the brighter side, investing in these basic and essential industries can have a greater impact on the economy’s growth. People must understand and accept the relationship between technology and morality to achieve the goal. Human ideas tend to have a great focus on small ideas and get blinded to see the bigger picture. These are just a list of what the imagination of creating artificial intelligence with morality can do. Although there are areas that are yet to be discovered in technology, this innovation can change the lives of many.

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