Anything that helps us keep our dreams of many weekend getaways alive is a welcome accessory, so we were eager to check out the Spatty x Palette + The Original High Fiver Set.


The first thing we noticed is that the packaging is perfect, fitting the palette with ZERO extra trash. A rep for the company confirmed to us that sustainability is both the core and mission of Palette by Pak so we immediately knew this was a company we could get behind. Not only do they take steps to minimize their packaging and ensure their products are made by reusing plastics and other materials, for every Palette WE all use, but we are also helping to keep small plastic bottles out of our oceans and landfills. 



With five individual wells, the Palette was able to hold our day and nighttime moisturizer, the baby oil we use to shave our legs, our current hail Mary for the dark circles under our eyes, and our favorite cuticle oil. Nothing leaked or spilled, though for the baby oil we did realize the flaw in the plan of adding a shower item to the Palette. 


So, is it worth the $45 price tag? While we found it to be slightly cumbersome to fill, to clean, and to use, knowing that we were helping the planet made it worth it. We easily had four days’ worth of product in each well, making it a great accessory for a long weekend away, and a product and company you can feel good about supporting.