Gotta Have Face mask company has created the first (that we know of)  See you Smile Mask, which lets people see your grin behind a breathable, semi-transparent, two-ply face mask. (Not to be confused with ones with plastic cutouts, which fog up and make it hard to breathe.)

The company claims the mask has been found to lower droplets from coughing by approximately 90%, which is about the same as the CDC recommended 2-ply cotton-jersey cloth mask. $15.


We like their ‘ Repurposed Designer Masks’, which have been sold out for weeks and is still in high demand. Using authentic designer purse and shoe dust bags, the company repurposed them as masks. Even better, 100% of net proceeds from sales will be donated to charities that support those affected by COVID-19. $25.


Founder Jaye Hersh-Eigler also has created a line of  LED Light Up Masks ($25) that allows the wearer to sparkle this holiday season with its foundation of high-quality breathable fiber and soft, luminous fabric holding LED lights in place. We think this would be great fun.