Trump’s military parade, uh, July 4th celebration, is now estimated to cost $92 million – $80 million more than an earlier estimate. And what does $80 million buy you? Armored vehicles, aircraft flyovers, period uniform and more tanks.

An officious official also noted that while the size and scope of the military parade can ‘still shift’ but as of right now, the plans currently include approximately eight tanks, as well as other armored vehicles, including ‘Bradleys, Strykers and M113s.’

While the president had asked for Army tanks to roll majestically down the streets of Washington, the Pentagon, fearful that the heavy tanks would tear up the streets with their treads said they will be on  “static display” near the Lincoln Memorial.

Meanwhile, many people, even a few Republicans, have criticized Trump for demanding a costly military parade usually more associated with authoritarian regimes (dictators) and for placing himself center stage in what is supposed to be a nonpartisan celebration. Watch it turn into a Trump rally.

What happens when you throw a parade and no one comes? We can hope.

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