Sarah Palin is in NY for her defamation trial against the New York Times and according to reports, ate indoors at a popular Manhattan restaurant despite being unvaccinated.

As in many cities, New York City requires everyone over 12 to be vaccinated in order to dine indoors.

A spokesperson for the Mayor’s office said, “The Key to NYC rules were put in place to protect all New Yorkers — including the small businesses that power our city’s economy. Ms. Palin needs to respect small business workers and follow the rules just like everyone else.”

Meanwhile, her trial has been delayed because…wait for it…she has tested positive for the virus.

When the judge, US District Judge Jed Rakoff ,  heard the news, he reportedly commented
“She is, of course, unvaccinated.”

Elio’s, the restaurant in question, insists that it checks everyone’s vaccination status.