Selling houses is a massive part of the real estate industry. It allows many people to find new homes to move their families. It is also one way in which developers can make profits: by building apartments or estates from scratch and then selling them for profit. Also, it is a way for homeowners to acquire new properties by selling their previous homes. Additionally, they could unlock new forms of revenue by leveraging their homes to obtain equity. These investment uses of a house are some of the beneficial things you can do with a house bought in Nairobi, for instance. Many other advantages can come with selling your home, whether financial benefits or social ones. However, for a house sale to be successful, you must ensure it ends within an ideal time of the year.




  • The month will affect sales.

The specific month of the year you decide to sell your house will affect how quickly you sell it. That is mainly determined by the annual work calendar and the school calendar. For instance, January signifies the beginning of the year, and it tends to be a hectic month. Most families send their children off to school and return to work during this period. As such, they are likely to be busy and not have time to go house hunting.

  • Evaluate consumer spending 

Such busy months also translate to increased costs for consumers. It is within this period that many people’s budgets are constrained after the holiday season. They may not have more money to use on a large purchase like a new home. Instead, look into months such as March, when many people have settled into the new year and are more financially stable. Around this time, houses on the market are easy to sell because the demand increases. Your home will spend less time on the market.


  • Warm weather is ideal.

Depending on your house, you must also consider the area’s climate. In some regions, homes tend to be harder to sell during cold seasons or winter. Marketing events like open houses will have a low turnout because of the chilly weather. When it is cold, people want to be warm in their places instead of being outside, hunting for houses. Choose warm seasons or spring and summer when people are going out more.


  • Align with the company year

Since annual calendars vary from one business to the other, choose a period when real estate companies are functioning at their peak. For instance, the beginning of the financial year is a strategic time because realtors are motivated and keen to work. Conversely, as people get closer to holiday breaks, they tend to be exhausted from a busy year and less likely to achieve good results. Motivated agents will market your house well and sell it relatively fast.

  • Take preparation time into account. 

No matter the time you settle on, you must ensure that your house is ready for sale. Contrary to one might think, preparing the home should be done before putting it on the market. That will hasten the marketing process and the actual sale, especially for clients looking to move in quickly.




Many women have begun to acquire more property, especially as their earning potential grows. One can buy and sell houses and gain considerable profits thanks to increased opportunities. However, like with many things, timing is essential, and it may even affect how much you make on a real estate sale.