Keen’s Buildings has become a profoundly known company specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings  Florida. They have portable structures that could easily be transported and built up at the construction site. They are based in Live Oak, Florida in the United States and have multiple other locations in Perry, Florida, and Valdosta, Georgia and are currently serving 48 Continental States. They meet the weather protection ideals for suiting the needs. The color of a customer’s home can be chosen from over a dozen interior and exterior colors with a box eave gable roof or a regular one. The interest-free account of 12 months is available the same as the cash financing option for qualified buyers.



What are the types of steel structures that Keen’s construct?

Their sales team is well-trained to showcase and explain Keen’s products, ensuring that their customers receive the best experience possible. Keen’s Buildings strive on the client’s expectations. With “No Credit Check” and low-interest rates (as low as 3.99%), Keen’s cannot be beaten in the race of constructing building structures. Two of the products where their expertise lies are the 2-story buildings and carports made up of pre-engineered steel structures.

2-Story Metal Building

Building this structure is a good investment for anyone who requires storage. For 21 years, Keen’s Buildings has brought the most innovative ideas of the top-tier steel buildings.

How is it built?

● A design is prepared according to the client’s requirements and desires.

● The design is submitted, and the construction of the metal building starts at the factory.

● The production of the main building structure is finished first as the basic frame is crucial to understand the forthcoming construction.

● The team carefully prefabricated all the sections of the frame using their mandrel bending machines. This process eliminates any chances of steel fatigue on the trusses.

● The legs are then cut and weld in this stage.

● The roll form process then takes place.

● 26 or the 29-gauge steel is selected for the building’s skin and rolled through specially designed machines. They are pre-cut for easier installation and management.

● At last, the pieces are loaded for delivery and shipped for assembling on the site.



Steel Carports

This structure is for those who are tired of scraping bird excrement, tree sap, ice, snow from a vehicle’s exterior paint and windshield. Keen’s sells both certified and non-certified steel carports. As an established seller of steel structures, including carports, Keen’s offers a wide range of carports that meet the weather protection needs for people based in Florida and around. Steel carports can be called an exterior garage where it serves to protect vehicles under a shed structure.



Different models to select an ideal carport:

● The length of the carport can be increased at an unlimited rate and between 12’ to 40’ free span width.

● The leg height varies between 5’ to 12’ with optional end or side panels where one needs added protection to the structure.

● There are double carports, steel sheds, and garages available. These are constructed using 2 ½” x 2 ½” square tubing, and the galvanized steel gauge varies from 12 gauge to 14 gauge.

● This structure could be matched with the exterior colors of the customer’s house. There are a dozen of color options for the exterior with a box eave gable or regular roof.

Certified and Non-certified Carports

1. The certified carport structure is built for snow rated and wind speed rated for compliance with the cities of Florida. They fall under the regulations of city, county, and state regulations. Upon request, they provide engineered plans for 110 mph to 130 mph wind load. Certification is available on all the structures, and the engineer’s stamped approval backs them up.

2. The non-certified carports are not load rated thus are perfect for agricultural uses as a farm shelter.

Keen’s building offer carports at a 0 USD down financing with up to 84 months for the payment. Customers can ask for their interest-free account, and 12 months are the same as the cash finance options for the qualified. Keen’s offers more variety of metal structures, including steel garages, steel barns, etc.

Why choose Keen’s Building for metal structures?

As they are based in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, the inclement weather and hurricanes are abundantly risky for building constructions. As a result, the engineers at the Keens are well experienced in this area to provide a solid structure that can withstand wind loads of up to 155 mph. The options never stop Keen’s Building from customizing pre-engineered metal buildings in Florida. Customers can choose from a variety of lengths, widths, metal gauge types, colors, etc.



In a highly controlled environment, 95% of Keen’s structure undergoes the prefabrication process, ensuring minimal trimming is required. The rate of mistake decreases, and field productivity increases. In 21 years of service in building metal structures, Keen’s has now perfected their prefabrication method. Most of their steel buildings can be assembled in very few days. Also, another thing is their buildings can be engineered and mounted for a concrete installation or a direct ground installation.


There is no worry about the cost of these brilliant structures providing safety and assurance of security. They offer best-in-class finance options with payments that go as low as 275 USD a month. Customers get free delivery and set up services for every single product, so there is no hassle on this part, too.

Choosing Keen’s Building is worth a thousand smiles and appreciation in the field of pre-structured metal buildings. They strive for their experience of years and loyalty towards their customers. The structures they have are made up of excellent build quality and the innovation one desires.