‘Wanna meet for a drink?’

‘I’ll meet you at the bar after work.’

‘Welcome, can I get you a drink?’

Did you ever think of how much our social activity centers around drinking?

For people who chose not to drink — for whatever reason — bubbly water with a lime gets old fast.

That’s why ‘Master Distiller Eric Knight came up with SPIRITY Cocktails the first non-alcoholic cocktail crafted with Spirits Distilled from Tea. (They recently took home the coveted San Francisco World Spirits Competition, which pitted them against its alcoholic counterparts.)

Not just any tea but Pu’er Tea, which undergoes the same biological process that occurs in grape skins during the production of red wine.

“Pu’er tea is the perfect medium for our spirits because it combines the processes of fermentation and aging to transform a simple plant into something with adult-like complexity,” says Eric.

The entrepreneur developed the process in his backyard using a 1 gallon still and an old propane stove. (We would have loved to be there for the early ‘taste tests.’)


“Rethinking my personal relationship with alcohol left me feeling abandoned by my social construct that evolved around alcohol, leaving me feeling left-out and unaccommodated.  I had 20 year’s experience making wine and spirits and I knew there was an answer, I just needed to take action and work it out through trial and error,” Eric Knight explained.

Here’s something else to love; the SPIRITY cocktails are low cal — the ‘Mindful Margarita’ has only 25 calories in a can and is concocted with real ingredients.

We tried all of them — Apricot Sour, Moscow Mule, Negroni, Margarita – and were pleasantly surprised. Unlike most ‘mocktails’ these aren’t sweet and don’t have that cloying aftertaste and don’t make you miss the alcohol.

With a taste of fresh lime in the margarita, the slight bitterness of the tea, and the sweetness from real cane sugar, it is refreshing and we didn’t even miss the tequila buzz.

The 4 packs cost $14.99 and you can snag them at Amazon.

We picking up some for the holiday parties.

‘Welcome, would you like a SPIRITY Negroni?’