Some of the documents seized from Trump’s Florida home — among the 11,000 classified papers — were so secret that only the president and a Cabinet-level official were allowed to read them.

Only a dozen people even knew of their existence.

As a matter of fact, when they were discovered the FBI had to stop and bring in a special team with top-level security clearance.

According to the Washington Post which broke the story, some of the seized nuclear documents detail top-secret U.S. operations that require special clearances, not just top-secret clearance. Reportedly, the top secret files contained information about other nations’ nuclear capabilities.




Such documents are commonly stored in secure facilities and are guarded by a ‘designated control officer.’

It’s not clear how well guarded the documents were at Trump’s country club, nor is it known where exactly in Mar-a-Lago these specific documents were found.

Hopefully, not in the pool house with open access.




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