The latest in the Novak Djokovic saga:

  1. An Australian judge just revoked the tennis star’s visa, saying the unvaxxed player had ‘failed to provide appropriate evidence to meet entry requirement.’
  2. Calling him a risk to ‘public safety’, he was ordered back into detention (the hotel where he was first housed.) Remember, the authorities are still arguing over his so-called ‘medical exemption.’
  3. Naturally, Djokovic’s lawyers plan a last gasp appeal.




In a country known for its strict coronavirus controls, this has divided the country. Everyone at the Australian Open — including players, their support teams and spectators — is required to be vaccinated.

If he is deported, Djokovic would face a three-year ban on returning to the country. That would make Djokovic 37 the next time he would be allowed to compete at the Australian Open.