We’re one of those folks who won’t work out unless we have a cute, high-performance outfit to wear (and even then it’s a struggle.)

So when the Swedish company Ninepine (technically, their PR) sent us a fashion-forward short and crop top to test we had to go for a quick run.



The good news: the fabric is terrific: comfortable and seamless plus quick drying. One of the fabrics is called ‘sweat harder’ which tells you it’s made for intense workouts. And the prices are reasonable. Consider the Ninepine shorts – which come in different lengths! — are around $50 and their recycled tanks/tops about the same.

The brand calls itself a ‘contemporary active lifestyle label’ which we take to mean you can exercise or go to lunch in their performance wear. Which is exactly what we did.

It’s quickly become our favorite outfit …even if we’re not exercising.