Bali has had enough of rude tourists. After a Russian tourist posted a partially nude photo of himself in front of a religious site, he was quickly arrested and deported. It spurred a new advisory for tourists: “Do not post offensive, vulgar pictures to social media.”

And in March the government announced that it is ‘illegal for non-married couples to cohabit or have sex’, however after pushback from the tourism board they reluctantly said it would not affect visitors or foreign residents.

In another development, Bali plans to ban all tourists from renting motorbikes — a popular way to get around.

As an explanation, they said foreigners rode recklessly, used fake Indonesian ID cards, and in one case, drove over hallowed ground.

Bali, a Hindu island is predominantly a Muslim country, and tourists run afoul of the local customs.

Our advice to tourists: learn the customs and respect the laws of wherever you are traveling.

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