It was only a matter of time until the beauty industry starting adding Cannabis extracts to everything from face wash to body creams<em>. </em>
(CBD is extracted from hemp — a cannabis plant– and is entirely non-psychoactive; it won’t make you high.)
Well-established as an anti-inflammatory, in certain ratios, CBD products are said to have anti-aging properties as well.

And you don’t get much more natural than hemp oil, right?

We recently tried the LEEF Organics NOOKS + CRANNIES CBD infused soap, which is packed with beneficial botanicals and comes is delicious scents such as Cucumber Melon, Black Chamomile, Charcoal &amp; Clay, and White Tea &amp; Ginger.
Gentle enough to use every day, the company claims it will even help eczema. As a bonus, the packaging is plantable tomato plants!
So bury the soap packaging and soon you’ll have organic tomato plants. Great,eh?

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