Most people make their living from working 40 hours or more a week. There are also some folks that have side hustles, smaller jobs, and more of them as a result. And then there are those that gamble.

Those that attempt to make their money off sports betting are all in. Like any day trader. Every single day, they will review their options and decide what they’re going to wager on. But is it possible to make a solid living salary exclusively off sports betting?

The Answer is Yes

While it is a bit risky, it is very possible to make a comfortable living wage exclusively from sports bets. Whether or not you bet online or through a physical sportsbook, this can be done. With the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, plus many other sports happening throughout the year, there is never a lack of opportunity.



Fans of any sport can get into sports betting and just dive headfirst into it. If you’ve seen movies like Uncut Gems, or The Goldfinch, the main characters look to make their living from betting on sports. They don’t have any other avenues of income besides that.

While it is a bit risky, it is very possible to live however you want by not working a day job but instead becoming a full-time bettor. 

It’s a Bit Risky, Though

Just like with any other industry, there are good days and bad days. If your hunch is incorrect on a given day where you placed a mega wager, then your funds are going to decrease tremendously. As a result of this, every single bet will take on added weight. 

The opportunities to win big are always present in sports betting, whether betting online or betting in person. But it’s pretty easy to mess up as well. 

You might bet $100,000 on the Lakers without realizing that LeBron James isn’t going to be playing. Those types of blunders can happen. The allure of winning big is strong. But the potential for loss, and debt, and other monetary problems can be just as likely. 



The wins are not always going to be there for you. On the off days, when money goes down the drain, what’s the solution?

In horse racing, major wagers can be made with little to no penalty. They don’t go at it as often. So when it does take place, the chance at a cash-in is significant, with losses not being so bad.

In Summary

Unless you have an extremely large bank fund to pull from, trying to make a living on sports betting can be a huge risk. If you like living from one day to the next and don’t care about consistent financial stability, this is a perfect avenue.

But, if you are more uptight and are a planner, never try to make your living on sports betting. It is clearly possible, but it is not living lavishly in any way, shape, or form.

As a side hustle, sports betting carries several luxuries. So, all in all, if you are going to do this, you need to be fully committed. Otherwise, one day, you’re having a $200 steak. And the next? Even ramen noodles might look expensive.