During the last two pandemic years, we’ve all been cleaning like we never had before. We *might* have gotten a bit obsessive. But all those Clorox fumes hanging in the air can’t be good for us, right?

So when natural cleaning line Attitude hit our inbox, we were interested.  Containing no toxic chemicals, it’s safe for kitchens, pets… and us.



But if it wasn’t effective, it would be a non-starter. We’re happy to report we did a spot of cleaning and the biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner got rid of grease and dirt, and since it’s streak-free, we even took on all the mirrors in our house. Then we wiped down the marble countertop in the kitchen. (Yep, you can use it all surfaces.)

We couldn’t find any mold to try it on, but the company says its powerful botanicals will wipe it out.

The wonder cleaner comes in 4 scents but we prefer the unscented. $5.95 at Attitude.