We all know that one person who can drink a 12-pack and wake up without a hangover. That person is not me. The morning after a few beers or just a couple glasses of wine, I’m basically incapacitated. After trying just about every hangover “cure” on the market, including everything from ibuprofen to the “hair of the dog” and activated charcoal, I decided I needed to do something different. 

One hangover cure I had never tried was an actual hangover pill or hangover supplement. With a big night out approaching, I ordered a box of the Over EZ hangover supplement, and here’s how it went.

My Night: 

Best friend’s birthday. Think beers, shots, champagne. A perfect recipe for a crippling hangover that would normally make me say, “I’m never drinking again.” The ideal time to test out the Over EZ hangover pill.

My Plan:

Take the Over EZ supplement 15 minutes before ordering my first drink, as instructed on the package. Over EZ is a supplement in pill form, easily swallowed with a small glass of water. 

What’s In It:

Over EZ is basically a nutrient-rich pill, packed with everything needed to fight a hangover before it starts. It turns out that combatting nausea, exhaustion, headache and other effects of a hangover before they start is drastically better than trying to suppress them the next morning.

This No. 1  ingredient in this pill is L-cysteine, which boosts levels of glutathione to help break down acetaldehyde. It’s also packed with B and C vitamins, which are drastically depleted with heavy drinking. Chicory root and milk thistle promote superior liver and intestinal function, while other natural ingredients, like zinc and magnesium, allow you to wake up sharper and more energized. 

Over EZ is designed to restore the essential nutrients lost during a night of drinking, neutralize toxins and allow you to rehydrate, so you can feel 100-percent, even after a big night out. 

The Results:

Afraid to open my eyes the day after the party, I was certain I’d have a grueling headache. However, even after two “birthday cake” shots and losing track of the number of drinks I had, I felt nearly as good as I would after a night on the couch watching Netflix. I felt a small amount of brain fog immediately after waking, but that vanished quickly. I experienced absolutely no headache or nausea, which made it easy for me to hop in the shower and head to work. 

At $22.95 for an eight-pack, an Over EZ hangover pill costs less than a margarita. I may just go ahead and order the 72-pack to ensure I never have to deal with a hangover again. I also take their Fuel EZ energy pill which gives me the needed boost in the morning to get things done.