Sure, the Smith & Cult nail polishes are drop-dead gorgeous and non-toxic (none of those nasty, smelly chemicals) but do they last? We consider ourselves relatively low maintenance, but that’s mostly because we have no time (like most women.)

PR sent us a beautiful array to try and the first thing we noticed is the classy, gold-topped bottles with a sculptor-like dent in the metal. Definitely, something you want to showcase on your bathroom shelf!



After applying the base coat we swiped on the Plastic Beach, a perfect color to showcase our (fake) tan. It went on easily and we only needed one coat. There’s a handy little brush in the cap which worked perfectly.


‘Plastic Beach.’


Then, we applied the all-important Top Coat – the brand’s ‘Above It All,’ a  glossy, protective topcoat that seals in color. (Also vegan and toxic-free.)




We loved the color, the lacquer-like shine, and after almost two weeks without any chipping (!) we’re converted. Now our big life decision is whether to try the Monaco Madness ( an opaque metallic bronze) or the EXIT THE VOID (an opaque periwinkle.)

Decisions, decisions.

$18 at Smith&Cult. 


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