Today the  Capitol riot committee investigation hears testimony from four police officers.

DC Metropolitan Police Officer Daniel Hodges testified this morning and the committee showed graphic video from his body cam.

Hodges said a rioter bashed his head with a huge mob behind him.

“Directly in front of me, a man seized the opportunity of my vulnerability to grab the front of my gas mask and used it beat my head against the door,” he said while testifying about the Capitol riot before the House select committee.”He never uttered any words I recognized but opted instead for guttural screams. I remember him foaming at the mouth. He also put his cell phone in the mouth so that he had both hands free to assault me,” Hodges said.


Hodges screamed for help and was assisted out of the mob by fellow officers. Tellingly, Officer Hodgers referred to the rioters as “terrorists” during his testimony.