Actress Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira, always resurrects in October, because, of course, Halloween is her favorite holiday. And you think you’re disappointed?

But this year the ‘Mistress of the Dark’  has a new video that urges fans to party inside to spread the deadly COVID virus.



“I’m the queen of Halloween, COVID-19 ruined everything,” she sings to the tune of Madonna’s “Holiday.” “If they cancel Halloween because we’re still in quarantine, it would suck, it would suck so bad!”

Halfway through the song, Elvira changes the message:

“Stay at home on Halloween, read a magazine. Don’t stay up ’til very late, be in bed by 8,” she ends the song. “Like Frankenstein without a bride, just stay inside, can’t you see that my soul just died?”

And in a cheeky reference, she sings, “The scariest thing about this Halloween is that big, orange, fat, scary face,” she says to the camera, before picking up a jack-o’-lantern bucket. “Who’d you think I was talking about?”


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