A fearless Nancy Pelosi kicked off the second day of impeachment hearings with a bombshell, accusing Trump of bribery when he withheld aid to Ukraine until they agreed to investigate the Bidens.

As she pointed out, bribery is an impeachable offense, adding that Trump’s actions ‘makes what Nixon did look almost small.

‘The devastating testimony corroborated evidence of bribery uncovered in the inquiry and that the president abused power and violated his oath,’ she told reporters during a press conference on Capitol Hill.

‘I am saying that what the President has admitted to and says “it’s perfect” – I said it’s perfectly wrong. It’s bribery,’ the Speaker of the House admonished.

‘What President Trump has done on the record in terms of acting to advantage his foreign power to help him in his own election and the obstruction of information about that, the cover-up, makes what Nixon did look almost small,’ she noted.

Buckle your seatbelts — it’s going to be a rough ride.