Good news from America’s top infectious disease doctor, Dor, Fauci, who today said the US is ‘out of the Covid-19 pandemic phase.’,

We are certainly, right now, in this country, out of the pandemic phase,” Fauci said on PBS NewsHour Tuesday.

“Namely, we don’t have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. We are at a low level right now. So, if you’re saying are we out of the pandemic phase in this country? We are,” he said.

The good doctor cautioned he is only talking about America:


“Pandemic means a widespread, throughout the world infection that spreads rapidly among people,” Fauci said. “So, if you look at the global situation, there is no doubt this pandemic is still ongoing.”


Dr. Fauci added that while coronavirus won’t be eradicated, the level of virus in society could be kept very low if people are intermittently vaccinated, possibly every year.