With all the buzz recently focused on climate change and a positive shift to clean grooming products, I was thrilled to receive a note from the team at Seven Potions with an offer to try their line of men’s grooming products.


Established in 2015, with the goal of creating unique, premium products for beard care, hair styling and shaving, Seven Potions offers everything a modern gent may need – and I mean everything!: from hair styling clays, pomades, pastes, texturizing sprays, shampoo and conditioner, to skincare, as well as a focus on beard grooming with specialty razors, shaving oils, balms, waxes and conditioners. All is vegan-friendly, cruelty free and contain only natural ingredients.



The price is also a major winner! All are very fairly priced between $15 – $20 which is almost unheard of these days for quality clean grooming products.

The best part of all, sustainability is at the core of Seven Potions’ offerings. From product to package, and the container in between, everything has been carefully sourced and chosen.

Some sustainability pros here with the packaging include:

· Recycled carton boxes

· Biodegradable/compostable void-filling packing

· Padded envelopes that are made of 100% recycled paper fiber lining instead of plastic-padded envelopes

· Labels are printed directly onto containers, further increasing recyclability

· They even use carton adhesive tape made from sustainable and naturally degradable materials. It’s 100% recyclable and it doesn’t need to be removed from boxes before recycling.


And now that I feel great for being a part of environmental offset, my review:

I dove in requesting to try the Salt Texturizing Hair Spray and Hair Styling Paste. I was also excited to try all things beard with Seven Potions’ Beard Conditioner and Beard Balm.





The Salt Spray Hair Texturizer is a total winner. I have thinning hair and noticed my hair appeared significantly thicker post-styling. It really was significant. The spray was also thick enough to use to style and didn’t require additional styling products, providing a groomed appearance. Although the Seven Potions Hair Styling Paste was a nice complement and a great fragrance. I would definitely keep the Salt Spray Hair Texturizer part of everyday use.




Moving on to beard, I was excited to focus on beard grooming. Beard hair grooming is probably one of the most overlooked areas of a gentleman’s grooming routine but Seven Potions is aimed on solving that! – I generally keep my beard hair on the shorter side and found the Seven Potions Beard Conditioner to be my favorite for the category. The hold is not as thick as the Beard Balm and it left my beard feeling especially soft after a couple uses. I would recommend the Seven Potions Beard Balm for longer beard cuts.



Overall Seven Potions is definitely a masculine brand from the packaging to the scents. All had unique scent flavoring that the hippest of hipster men would enjoy. It must be mentioned that although I was a fan of the Beard Conditioner, it took a couple of days to get used to that product’s citrus flavor. (It smelled a little like Pledge, frankly.) The scents all can’t be winners (and to each their own preference) but I loved the way all the other products smelled.


Overall I recommend Seven Potions for the man on the go who is looking for affordable, masculine and clean products that are not fussy and with a priority on promoting environmental sustainability. ++