So the Billboard Music Awards happened Sunday in Vegas but viewers can be forgiven for thinking they’d stumbled into a tacky lingerie show.

Starting with Megan Thee Stallion, whose stage outfit distracted from her hit and seemed to be designed just to remind us she has a great tush, to Latto, who twerked more than she sang, it reinforced that the music was secondary to the image.


Latto performs onstage during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards.

Then there was Jazelle who posed on the Red Carpet in …this.



And let’s not forget Becky G who wore a black lace lingerie outfit, straight out of Fredrick’s of Hollywood.


But in informal voting, we’d say Doja Cat won the ‘Least Dressed’ award for her gold pasties.


It’s telling that the most nominated artist — Olivia Rodrigo — didn’t even show up for the awards show. But you can bet if she did, she would have worn clothes.