As the pandemic rages on we’ve basically given up on makeup, which means our skin is front and center all the time. Lines and redness, dry spots and freckles – with no concealer or foundation to hide anything, it’s all on display all the time.




This makes our skincare routine and the products we choose so much more important, and we try a lot, always in search of a miracle. AveSeena Green Caviar Facial Oil Elixir is shaping up to be just that. With only 10 days of morning and nightly use of just two drops a time our skin is smoother, more even, and has a youthful glow we haven’t seen in over a decade, no makeup required. This vegan, alcohol-free combination of a retinol alternative called Bakuchiol, Vitamin C, Peptides, Squalene, Gardenia, and Blue Tansy delivers fully on its promise of “complete skin nourishment.” 



Like us, you might be thinking “my skin is too oily for facial oil” or “won’t putting oil on my face make me look greasy?”  Emphatically NOT. It absorbs quickly, has a lovely floral aroma that gives off the essence of a tropical paradise, and leaves you with supple skin that makes the AveSeena Green Caviar Facial Oil Elixir worth every cent of its $125 price tag.  


$125 at AveSeena.