Do your squirrels have their own picnic table, complete with bowls? We didn’t even know it was a thing until we saw nature-lover Amanda L. Beyer’s Facebook page featuring ‘Isabel McSquirrel Pants’ — the one with the good table manners — and ‘Spooky’ (the easily spooked male) and ‘Stumpy’ (gender unknown, but only has half a tail) noshing happily at their very own table.
Not being nearly as creative as Amanda, we nick-named our squirrels ‘Peanut 1’ and ‘Peanut 2.’

When Amanda is not rescuing dogs, she teaches 4th grade in Florida and describes herself as ‘an avid animal and nature lover.’ After noticing that a family of squirrel was gorging on the bird feed she put out, she decided to get them a picnic table made specifically for the rascally animals from the Squirrel Projects. (These perfectly sized tables come with bowls already screwed to the top and a portion of every purchase  supports front line and essential workers with healthy meal delivery service.)

We ordered the ‘All-Occasion Gift Bundle’ which also comes with tasty squirrel food.

While  McSquirrel Pants couldn’t quite get the hang of the table at first, preferring to grab from the bowl and sit on the fence to ‘stuff her face’, her brother Spooky showed her how it’s done.

‘After a few days of trial and error that included some sitting ON the table rather than AT the table like proper squirrels, they seem to really be getting the hang of how it works. Now they can be regularly seen sitting on the benches and tucking in. We are still waiting for the third sibling, Stumpy (so named for his half-tail), to come sample the goods, but in the meantime, our squirrel picnic table is providing hours of fun entertainment. Now, if only I could get them to clean up after themselves! ‘


Apparently, these lucky squirrels eat a mixture of birdseed, mixed nuts, peanuts in the shell (a favorite), and dried corn.
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