According to a recent study, 80% of American consumers consider sustainability when making at least some purchases, and they’re counting on retailers and other businesses to lead the way.

Companies are realizing that creating sustainable, eco products is good business so now buyers have more choices.

If you’re new to this (like we are) start slow and add in more products each month. We switched to using biodegradable laundry sheets and Swedish reusable dish cloths and are now adding the Fomin line of soap sheets.


Not only do they smell amazing — we picked the ‘sweet orange’ — they are perfect for beach bathrooms which often don’t have soap dispensers, and if we were a backpacker/camper these would be ideal because they weigh almost nothing, and are biodegradable as is the packaging. We plan on packing these for traveling as well since it sure beats drying out our hands with hand sanitizer all day!

At $7.99 for a hundred sheets, we’re mindful that we’re reducing the chemicals and plastic and helping the environment. It feels good.


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