A Wise Woman takes control of her stress, rest, and yes, pleasure.
That’s the mantra of the House of Wise CBD company which offers a collection of CBD-based gummies and tinctures (fancy word for drops) so you get the health benefits without the side effects of THC which is the part of marijuana that gets you high. All their products are organic, vegan, and ethically sourced.
We tested the sleep gummies (nibble on one before bedtime until you figure out how much you need) which calmed us down so we could sleep. ($49.99.) Until there’s an on/off switch for our brain, we’re using these.
For stress, a common malady, there’s the stress drops
($65.) Shake well, Drop 1 ml under the tongue. Hold for 60 seconds, swallow, wait, breathe. They didn’t make us tired so we could still work and just helped us calm us the heck down.
Experiment until you find out how much you need to reach your Zen.
And since you’re a modern woman with needs, there are sex gummies, drops and a sex serum to put you in the mood.
Because a wise woman takes control of her pleasure.
Most of their products are available for subscription, which drops the price, and more importantly, makes sure you never run out.