So UN World Food Program director David Beasley tweeted that billionaires such as Musk and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos–the two richest persons in the world, respectively–should step up on a ‘one-time basis’ to help end global starvation.

He added that 42 million people are ‘literally going to die if we don’t reach them.’

Beasley implored that  $6 billion would solve global hunger and much to everyone’s surprise, Elon Must tweeted back that he would sell some of his Tesla (TSLA) stock “right now” if the UN can prove that $6 billion is enough to really end world hunger.

According to Forbes, this much money would amount to approximately 2 percent of Musk’s fortune of nearly $300 billion.

Given Musk’s mercurial nature, who knows if he will contribute but the call goes out to all billionaires.