Stressed? Try some CBD.

Sore muscles? Try some CBD.

Can’t sleep? Try some CBD.

Notice the theme here? And before you say ‘but I don’t want to get high!’ CBD does not contain THC, the psychoactive component of marijuana.



Within the last couple of years, the many benefits of CBD have become known, and during the pandemic, the sales of  CBD drops, gels, pills, gummies, and everything with Cannabidiol, or CBD soared. You see, DBD interacts with the body’s own highly complex endocannabinoid system to produce key benefits.



But not any CBD will do. Watch for ones that are lab-tested for purity, have good reviews, and have high enough doses of the oil to make a difference.

That’s why we like Bluebird Botanicals, which has seven years of experience in cultivating sustainably grown hemp and uses a third-party lab to test to test for purity and potency.



We tried the ‘Downshift’ CBN + CBD Oil which helps us relax after a busy day. It takes the edge off. Healthier than drinking, it has become our regular routine.

One of our friends tried it and found it made her sleepy — which was very welcome — but it doesn’t have that profound effect on us. CBD does affect everyone differently, so start out slow until you discover how it works with your system.