Las Vegas casinos held their ground and resisted the temptation of closing their doors early in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The inevitable did happen and the Nevada governor signed the bill in late March, a move that turned Sin City into a ghost town. Las Vegas relies heavily on its gambling industry and not surprisingly, hopes that the casino will open as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no reason to be optimistic, as it can take quite a while until the glamorous casinos will welcome guests once again.

No reason to open early.

The concerns caused by the coronavirus are all too real and nobody wants to take the chance of opening the casinos too soon. As the US is battling one of its most serious challenges in decades, people from all over the country are concerned almost entirely about their health. Local authorities have confined most of the Americans to their cities and people are advised against leaving the house without a valid reason. Under these circumstances, it comes as no surprise that traveling to Las Vegas isn’t anyone’s priority.

The travel restrictions make it even more difficult for US citizens to go to Las Vegas in the first place. Foreigners are virtually unable to reach their destination even if they want to, which is currently not the case. Las Vegas relies entirely on visitors from other US states and foreign countries, as locals represent an insignificant percentage of those who play at the casinos. Since nobody is coming to town for gambling, there is simply no reason to rush the opening of casinos. It is a boom for a mobile casino like FruityKing who recently reported that they had seen a 13% increase in gaming volumes.

Pay attention to other gambling hubs.

Las Vegas is truly unique as a gambling destination and head and shoulders above its competitors. There are, however, places where people flock to play casino games and Macau is a shining example. The city has strict border restrictions and even bans visitors from outside China. They also rely heavily on gambling, but still decided to keep the borders shot and accept the resulting losses. Officially, China reports fewer infections, yet there’s no sign that Macau casinos will thrive anytime soon.



All over the world, people are forsaking land-based gambling and don’t even consider the possibility of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino. Those who truly love this form of activity have found alternative ways to enjoy this hobby over the Internet. Online casinos are a more reliable source of entertainment and they offer games without requiring people to leave the comfort and security of their home. There are only a few countries, including Latvia that have banned online gambling during the Covid-19 locked down.

The future of land-based gambling doesn’t look too bright for Las Vegas casinos. They are already using their resources to stay afloat, hoping that they will be still operational when the pandemic comes to an end. For the time being, the casinos will keep their doors shut and people will gamble only online