With International travel cratering due to COVID, airlines and travel companies are anxious for vaccine passports — some call them health certificates — to become the norm.

By proving that you’ve been vaccinated, it should ideally clear you from some restrictions, ie having to take a COVID test or quarantine. Ideally, travel would pick up to something close to pre-pandemic levels.



Some countries have already issued these so-called vaccine passports, such as Israel so that people with the ‘green’ passport are free to attend public events such as concerts.

Denmark also plans to issue a pass that allows its citizens to travel more freely.

Tech companies are also getting into the business, with a vaccine passport you carry on your phone.

At issue, is that there is no internationally recognized standard yet, which is necessary for people to be able to travel around the world. And many worry about carrying private medical information around with them, either on paper or on an app on their phone.