In another tragic mass shooting, a gunman killed 10 people as they shopped in a grocery store in Colorado.

The first officer on the scene, Eric Talley, was brutally shot as well.  A suspect was arrested and taken to the hospital for injuries. There is no clue as to his motive.


Scene inside the Grocery store, with fallen victim blurred.


So once again the U.S. is faced with a devastating mass shooting. That makes 18 people lost to mass shootings in six days.

Everytown, a gun safety nonprofit, reports that more than 100 Americans die from guns every day. While President Biden promised to put an end to the “epidemic of gun violence” by asking Congress to ban assault weapons and require tougher background checks they are sitting in the Senate.

The Colorado shooter was using an AR-15-style rifle, an assault weapon. Again, people are asking why civilians can still get their hands on assault weapons that can kill multiple people in seconds?