A year and some change into the pandemic, if you have officially hit your wall with fresh ways to entertain your kids, you’re not alone.
With the blur of work > home > school continuing (for many), the gusto to be the mom that excels at arts and crafts, bakes cakes and fresh cookies for our little ones just isn’t there while juggling zoom after zoom, and goodness knows what else! We’re exhausted, and our time is stretched – that’s why there is zero ‘shame in the game’ of ‘mom life hacks’.
One thing we know kids love: Cookies. Another thing we know? Decorating them. Enter: Color My Cookie, the no-hassle approach to cookie decorating with absolutely zero baking involved.
The kits are $39.99 with free shipping and you can choose between a variety of themes. For example, there’s a ‘SuperHero kit,’ the popular ‘Dino Dig’ and a ‘Happy Birthday’ set, perfect for a party.
“WOW! This is so fun. I loved the piping bag, and decorating my cookie! I had a blast pouring sprinkles over my cookies too. They were also super yummy!’ – Jackson, aged 3, Color My Cookie Connoisseur. 
Color My Cookie is the ideal way to entertain and delight, with minimal prep (read: no prep) required.
Consider this mom sold.