Designed in Germany and engineered by Mann+Hummel, the worlds leading filtration experts, the PURAR mask is protective yet stylish and comfortable. AND, due to its unique design, it doesn’t make your glasses fog up.

The outer shell is washable and there are two filter types (PROTECT PLUS and LITE COMFORT) that fit into the shell and that provide varying levels of filtration. These are replaceable and can last up to 2 – 3 weeks.



Co-founder Jasmine Meng lived in Shanghai and wore a mask every day because of the terrible air pollution, hence her determination to create a better mask than the blue surgical ones we’re all wearing.

It’s not cheap at $50 but you can wear the PURAR for a long time, just buy new replacement filters.




According to the company, the LITE COMFORT filters effectively filter PM2.5, dust and pollen and other particles, and is suitable for low-risk environments. The upgraded protective filter element of PROTECT PLUS has been tested and certified as KN95 level, similar to an industrial N95 or FFP2 mask.

PROTECT PLUS can ‘effectively filter more than 95% of 0.3-micron particles’ and is suitable for densely populated medium and high-risk environments.




Conveniently, the outer shell can be washed (by hand and air dry out of direct sunlight.)

We got a pink one to try out and once the ‘new mask’ smell had worn off  — we left it outside in the shade for a few hours —  we found it easy to adjust the filter (velcro) and fit the mask on our face. Remember, the straps go below your ears, unlike conventional masks.

And by all means, use the measuring guide on the site because the fit is critical. We’re no fashionista but it’s great at last to have a fashionable mask (that doesn’t make us look like an alien.)

The best part? We felt safe in it and we’re able to wear our sunglasses. Halleluiah!




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