As you read this, the news about the Coronavirus may have been updated. The news cycle is in overdrive as a President tells us one thing and the World Health Organization finally declares the virus a ‘pandemic.’

Wednesday night, President Trump announced the United States is ending all travel to the US, except for Britain…and any US citizens who have come from Europe will face quarantine. While short on details, Trump also called for payroll tax relief to help the struggling economy.

Dueling, conflicting statements continued today, with Trump contradicting Pence’s press conference announcements moments after the V.P. spoke. And experts have said that Trump’s travel ban will not work since the virus is already here.

Stocks were NOT reassured by Trump’s statements and stocks sunk more than 1,4000 points. The threat to the global economy grows exponentially.

Meanwhile, Congress debates how best to mitigate the economic fallout.

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