Summer is behind the corner, and there is nothing better than relaxing on the beach during the long, hot days. The only thing that can make our vacation less of enjoyment is the sand. It gets everywhere and makes the entire beach day experience an uncomfortable nightmare. 

But here are a couple of items that you should never go to the beach without, and they can make your day on the beach an absolute breeze while staying safe in the sun. 

Beach mat

The days when you spread out a beach towel on the sand are gone (or they should be) because there is something more efficient. Laying on the wet, sandy towel is not very comfortable. That is where the beach mat comes in. It is made out of waterproof material, and getting the sand out of its surface is so easy – just shake it out! It also comes with pockets where you can store your items, which also act as weights for keeping the mat grounded. But the best thing about it is that it is super bendable, so fitting it in your beach bag will be a breeze. 

Bare Trap sandals.


The feeling of sand between your toes might be one of the worst things about the beach, but you should not let that ruin your experience, mainly because there is a perfect way to avoid it. Having the appropriate footwear on the beach is essential. That means sandals that are not too slippery when wet, and that are not going to cause blisters or any injury to your feet. A big plus for choosing the bare trap sandals is that they make the best balance between style and comfort.

Sun protection

Sunburns and sunstrokes are another downsides of being exposed to the sun for too long. But luckily, these are easily preventable. Carrying a sunscreen in your bag is not only a must-have for the beach but also for the city. Always make sure to have sunscreen with you, that is, at least, SPF 30, which is the standard recommendation. Another thing to pay attention to when choosing the perfect sunscreen for you is that some of the sunscreens’ brands have toxic chemicals that can hurt the marine creatures and plants. 

When we are talking about sun protection, sunscreens do come to mind first, but hats and cover-up are just as important. When choosing a beach hat, you should always pay attention to the material, because some of them can cause irritation and discomfort for your scalp. 

Swimsuit cover-ups are only now gaining in popularity, but apart from their fashionable appearance, they are also great at protecting your body from sunburns. One thing to pay attention to when buying a cover-up is that the material dries quickly and retains its shape instead of being stretched out. 

If you love relaxing on the beach, investing in a good quality beach umbrella is also a great idea, especially if you are going to the beach with your family. Kids need a lot of protection from the sun, and a big beach umbrella will provide enough shade for everyone. 

A good beach bag and cooler bag

A good beach bag is one with a lot of space, but also very lightweight. No one likes carrying a heavy bag in the scorching sun. Some beach bags have a cooler compartment, but if yours does not, buying a separate cooler bag is a great idea, especially if you are out with family. Snacks and drinks are a great way to keep everyone fresh and energized for fun in the water. 

There is nothing more relaxing than feeling the warm sun on your back and the smell of water. With the bag packed, there is nothing left, but to enjoy the freedom that summer has to give.