Karuna, the company known for its healthy juices and smoothies, has just released a new wine alternative–Karviva Unwined. The top of the label says “Wine Replacement Juice.” Coming from a wine lover—I’m a bit wary but curious to learn more.

Karviva Unwined tastes best when refrigerated, so when it came time for the test, I took it out of the fridge (not from the wine cellar). I got my Riedel wine glass and prepared for the taste test. Note—no wine opener needed.


It’s a bit hard to get the plastic wrapping off the screw off top, but once accomplished I poured a bit of Karviva Unwined into the glass. It looks like a robust red wine and has a nice consistency but when sipped, it tastes like a juice trying to taste like a wine—but surprisingly it’s not too bad.



The claim it’s a “clean wine alternative” is true but the “alcohol-free” super juice doesn’t really taste every bit like a Malbec. It does however have loads of things that are good for you: low sugar, aronia berry, mulberry, schisandra berry and is chock-full of potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and more. For a juice drink that’s not too sweet (80 calories for 12 ounces) that has a wine consistency and wine feel, it can be good for those who don’t drink alcohol. But for now, I’ll stick to my Cabs.

$31. for a package of 4 at Amazon and many health stores.

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