Feel like splashing some money around? For around 20 million, you can commission Rolls Royce to make you a custom car. Part of their new ‘Coachbuild’ division, it works with high-end (Rolls Royce doesn’t like to say ‘rich’) clients to create a personalized Rolls and takes up to four years to build.

The new Rolls Royce ‘Boat Tail’ (speculation is that it will cost a cool $20 million) comes with a convenient rear deck housing a dinner set, chilled area for champagne (double refrigerators actually), rotating cocktail tables with matching chairs and even a parasol that automatically extends out.

How many times have you’ve been picnicking and you forgot the umbrella? So annoying.



Now speculation is swirling as to which fabulous couple commissioned this 19 feet beast on wheels?

The lovely blue color might be a hint, as Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s nine-year-old daughter is called Blue Ivy? And their love of champagne is well-documented.

Predictably, Rolls Royce is tight-lipped.