Modern Kitchen and home appliances are becoming popular among Millenials and Gen Z. They want to live an extraordinary life with comfort, minus the hurdles.

Whether you have relocated to your new apartment or want to give yourself something new, a smart appliance is excellent. Such modern appliances also make great gifting items.

Here are appliances that can improve your new apartment life and make adulation a great and enjoyable experience.

An Electric Cooker

A rice cooker has been quite a staple for many households. Young people, who live alone, often prefer rice cookers due to the convenience of this machine. So, why not get an upgraded version? Give your Kitchen an electric pressure cooker or simple electric cooker. It is an actual multitasking machine that can cook rice, pulao, soups, stews, curries, biryani, and even a few desserts. In short, this machine is a perfect mixture of a stock pot or dutch oven and a rice cooker. You will never regret using it.

An Electric Kettle

Nothing beats the charm of an electric kettle. This handy electric appliance is excellent for regular use and during travel also. Now enjoy freshly brewed tea or coffee at your convenience with an electric kettle. You can check out the latest models from to make your coffees and teas more delicious and heartwarming.



A Toaster

Do you love to eat piping hot and fresh toasted bread every day for breakfast? Then you need a toaster. The latest pop-up toasters are more convenient with advanced settings. You can toast regular bread, beagles, and muffins with it. It is better to go for a toaster with wide slots to accommodate different kinds of bread.

A Mixer and Grinder

If you love to cook food regularly, a mixer grinder can be a great addition to your Kitchen. It will help you to grind spices, make cake or batter mixes at your convenience. If you are not willing to spend a fortune on a food processor, a mixer grinder is a great choice. It is pocket-friendly, offers reliable service, and is available in a wide range of models. If you are planning to buy it, go for it.


A Portable Air Cooler

You love the cool and comforting breeze coming from an AC. But, frequent relocating prevents you from buying an air conditioner due to the reinstallation hurdles. The solution? Buy a portable air cooler. These are like regular AC models but are portable, and you can quickly move the machine from one place to another. These portable ACs also do not require any installation. A simple bucket is enough as the water collector. Need some guidance? You can check the iDealHome guide for some guidance.




With the busy modern lifestyle, people need to do things faster. Smart home and kitchen appliances can help busy people to manage everything without disturbing their busy daily schedule. All these appliances can help you to make your life more comfortable while living alone. There are many other appliances like an OTG, a small and compact refrigerator, a small vacuum cleaner, a toaster that you can consider.