If you’re a big beauty brand and you want to launch your suncare line and a new luxurious serum what better place than Malibu at a breathtaking house overlooking the ocean.

That’s exactly what Japenese  SHISEIDO did for three days worth of events, including a beach clean-up day with celebs Katharine McPhee and Adrian Grenier dubbed the Shiseido Blue Project Beach Cleanup with World Surf League Pure and Wildcoast at Zuma Beach.

This is the first event we’ve been to in over a year and a half but SHISEIDO went to great lengths to make everyone feel safe. Participants filled out paperwork on their vaccination status in advance using Crowdpass, or, if they didn’t have their vaccination card, the company paid for a professional to come to their house and administer a COVID test (you needed a negative result to enter the party.) In our view, ALL events should follow the same protocols.



Now back to the festivities: On the third day, guests mingled with cocktails and everyone got to try the new Ultimate Sun Protector line with something called “Wetforce” technology which means it lasts in the water and is invisible on the skin. We applied it once and 4 hours later it was still working. This is one event where no one got sunburn!


Jennifer Johnson photography.

It was also the debut of SHISEDIO’s new Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate a powerful serum powered by anti-oxidant rich reishi mushroom and iris root extracts, that protects your skin while giving you a dewy finish. In a few weeks, results are a more hydrated complexion and fine lines are diminished.


Writer demonstrating the Shiseido sunscreen, not surfing.

Jennifer Johnson photography.

We wish all beauty events were this fun!