So your man is washing his hands a zillion times a day (we hope!) but turns up his nose at your lightly scented hand lotion? Get him his own ‘manly’ hand lotion, or ‘hand healer’ as Jack Black calls it (the line, not the actor.)

It’s non-greasy, fast-acting and a little goes a long way. And you’ll love the subtle scent — as will he.

What’s In It

Vitamin A: An effective antioxidant that can also help strengthen the outer layer of skin.

Vitamin E: Known as an antioxidant superstar, this vitamin works to protect cells against free-radical damage.

Liposomes: Targeted ingredient delivery system, encapsulates the vitamins and moisturizers, preserving them at full potency in order to deliver maximum, sustained benefits to the skin.

Macadamia Nut Oil: An extremely high-quality oil with an exceptionally small molecule helps soften and hydrate skin, providing a protective barrier from moisture loss.

Glycerin: A humectant that helps replenish and maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

Pro Tip: The palms and back of your hands have the fewest and smallest oil glands, so they tend to get the driest.

$46 at Jack Black.

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