FORMÉ Shoe Shaper is the accessory that every shoe lover needs. The genius contraption is the world’s first high heel shoe shaper. Unlike traditional at home shoe stretchers Formé can stretch the toe area of any pair of shoes, even open back heels and patent leather pumps. It promises to make every pair of shoes more comfortable — even booties and flats.
(The company claims the Formé wings expand the toe box up to a half size, relieving numb and cramped toes.)

After testing them out I’m happy to report that they actually work. I tried Formé on a pair of suede open back kitten heels that have been in my closet for over a year and have hardly been worn because they pinch my feet. I left the high heel shapers in overnight and was thrilled the next day when I tried on the shoes —  they felt a thousand times more comfortable. I can actually wear them again and can’t wait to try these on my entire shoe wardrobe. Forme can also be used to help beleaguered shoes come back to life. If there are wrinkles in the toe put Forme in overnight and the shoe will magically regain its shape. The well designed and sturdy shoe shaper will set you back $48.95 (plus tax and shipping) but considering they can make all your favorite shoes SO much more conformable this clever product is worth it.


Naturally, Formé was invented by a woman because, as they say on their website until you’ve walked a mile in high heels you really don’t get it. Like many inventions, Forme sprung out of necessity. Company founder Maureen Stockton was frustrated by her lack of wearable shoes. She had an enviable collection of heels but most of them were what she calls “wish-they-fit” shoes. But instead of getting rid of them all in a Marie Kondo style closet clearing, Maureen got to work on a solution. And after four years testing out prototypes and working manufacturers Formé hit the market and shoe lovers rejoiced. Although Forme was specifically designed for high heels it works in all shoes even sandals. And the company promises that the materials are ethically sourced and manufactured making them a double win. $48.95.

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